Thursday, June 10, 2010

Street Cars

The relationship between parked cars, traffic and pedestrians is an extremely dynamic one or chaotic depending on how you look at it. Street parking is a city epidemic. It is just so crazy. Trying to park without hitting other parked cars and then watching for the passing cars so that you are not holding up traffic. For a person that is fairly new to driving or that lives in the suburbs it can be nerve racking and anxiety building. Since most cities were designed during a time before cars it has been a struggle for them to incorporate space for them within their limits. Aside from changing the entire layout of the city it is virtually impossible the fit parking into most cities gracefully. France is the perfect example because when they had the chance to rearrange the layout of their city to better accommodate cars they did and it is all the better for it. Most places are not confronted with such a opportunity, so instead they must play the cards they have been dealt. No one could have known years ago that cars would be dominating the roads. Instead of trying to fit parking in with the already existing structures cities should opt to go underground when and if they can afford to. There needs to be an effort to keep the streets clear of parked cars. People hit parked cars, people cause accidents when they are trying to pull out of and into spaces and it takes forever to find a space. Street parking can be convenient when you just want to run in and out of a store, but overall it is just an inconvenience. When you have to ride around looking for parking because there are all of these regulations on how, where and when you can park your vehicle. At the end of the day parking will always be a difficult situation in the city.

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