Wednesday, June 16, 2010

User Friendly

Can the average person come into New York and use the public transportation system? It can be overwhelming at first glance and even third and fourth glances. Like with anything the more you use it the better you become, but that is not helpful when you have places to be. As amazing as the system is it is so intricate that new comers can easily get confused. Of course it is best to have someone with you that knows the ropes the first few times, but everyone does not have that luxury. There needs to be more options for those who want or need to drive. People who are visiting for a few days do not want to be bothered with figuring out the way the system works. The catch twenty-two is that parking is so expensive that taking a cab suddenly looks appealing. People want convenience and practicality all in one, but it is possible that those looking to visit New York should not expect it. Regardless of how unlikely it may be it is always nice when a place can accommodate everyone. Like real estate, parking cost more the more in demand it is. New York is not exactly booming with tons of land to place sprawling parking lots. Even if the space were there that does not mean it needs to be used to its full capacity. People seem to have a problem with empty space especially in the city. It is not always a bad thing. People need breathing room and the city is desperately lacking it. Whether it be parking or open space the city needs to focus on opening up the space and not always piling building on top of building.

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