Thursday, June 10, 2010

To Sum It Up

Parking is not something that has just one solution. There may never be the perfect answer for how to make it apart of city design. What is really important is that people continue to realize it is a problem because the more attention it gets the better the solutions will become. Parking is unique to each place and what works in Baltimore may not work in New York and vice versa. By studying the ways that other places have dealt with the problem may lead to each place working out something completely appropriate for the problems it is facing. In the design field people like to talk about what works and what doesn't. If half as much time was spent coming up with solutions then eventually something would be bound to work. The more answers there are the more chances there are of getting it right. Come on people the population is steadily increasing. If something isn't done soon then all American cities will be like New York City. The difference is that no other city in this country is equipped to handle the volume that is packed into that twenty-three mile island. No one wants to be the next Manhattan. Cities may want to be similar to it for various reasons, but no one is truly aspiring to be just like it. It would take the joy out of visiting different cities. It is so much fun to experience the history and individuality of each city. People want to see the real McCoy not an impersonator.

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