Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Underground

Parking garages in New York are kind of discreet. You do not have to go on a scavenger hunt because when you pass by you will notice them. That being said the sign is not overbearing and the entrance is not put out there. The entrance is just a dark whole in the wall, but it must be a parking garage because what other use would have an entrance of that nature. Parking entrances in Baltimore are loud, noticeable and begging for cars to enter. This is the complete opposite of New York parking. The underground parking provides the space for other uses such as hotels, apartments or offices. It also makes for a much more pleasant atmosphere above ground when pedestrians do not have to deal with the overwhelming heat being produced by the concrete reflecting the heat rays away from itself. So immediately by eliminately the parking the temperature decreases. Then there is the benefit of having usable space that passersby can take advantage of and enjoy. Parking garages are not exactly known for their safe, warm and friendly environment. Floors and floors of empty parking spaces are not places anyone would want to be walking by at night time. It creates an area in which people want to avoid; therefore, becoming dangerous. On the flip side areas with a lot of commercial space on the first level provide an automatic sense of security because it brings large crowds throughout the day and night. The more people the less crime and the better everyone feels. At that point the city reaches its peak potential.

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