Thursday, June 3, 2010

Resolving Parking

New York is probably the last place anyone with a car would want to have to park. The New York city Department of Planning is trying to make the best out of a bad situation by providing maps of parking facilities . Parking has to be addressed for those who do not know and the department has come to a nice compromise by having maps that can be accessed online and in the city. While it may still be discouraging to drive in such a dense city this step gives some hope to those interested in taking on the challenge. In essence the public transit system provides a much needed service to what would otherwise be immobile city. Not immobile in the sense of not being able to get around, but immobile in the sense that there would be constant traffic jams if everybody had to drive. What we really have to recognize is that New York and cities like it could not properly function if it were not for their public transportation systems. The need is what makes these systems the best. It is important that people realize that New York is an ideal and as with most ideals it is difficult to replicate. Instead of trying to go and recreate New York other cities should make adjustments based on their situation. Cities such as Portland, Oregon are choosing to be green and are making their own rules on how their city can be green. Hopefully other cities and even suburban areas will take notes from them and do what works best for their particular area.

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