Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why Preserve Instead of Park?

New York has taken eliminated the need to deal with many of its parking issues by creating a public transit system that is more efficient than driving to work. Why drive if you can get there faster through other methods. Most parking in Manhattan is underground, but that is not plausible for preexisting structures. Preservation depends on the ability of those in the field to anticipate what the next big threat will be. There are always the naysayers that have no interest in preserving anything, anywhere or at anytime. There could be plenty of parking in New York if every historic building was replaced with parking. The question is how many people would stick around to see that happen. The charm that attracts so many tourists and incoming residents to New York is that it has incorporated the old and new into one place. The most appealing part of the city is that the new does not overshadow the old. People can see the new and the old and appreciate each for what they are. Parking can be apart of that equation if done right. It's best if parking is kept as close to the ground as possible. A low profile will give parking a better reputation because people in the design world will not have so much distain for it.

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