Thursday, June 3, 2010

The New City

What makes some people attracted to the suburbs versus the city and others attracted to the city versus the suburbs? There are some individuals that can thrive in either, but for the majority they want one or the other. Recently planners have been trying to incorporate some of the things people love about the suburbs into city life. A friendly environment where everyone knows each other is definitely a trait associated with suburban or rural living. While the city may not be a place capable of that kind of intimacy planners are trying to incorporate the small town feel into new developments. There are so many ideas floating around in the design world and it is important to filter through those that work and those that do not work. Even people living in the city desire more space regardless of their love for city life. Space is something that can not be reworked or changed to soot the owner, you either have it or you do not. In some respects the city has advantages that the suburbs will never have such as amazing transit systems, but what the suburbs do have to offer is an abundance of space. Planners are thriving on the reintroduction of new urbanism (Richard Layman). Ideas have been recycled throughout the history of architecture and the built environment. Taking old ideas and making them new again is the key to a successful career in most industries, but especially in the field of design. The city is headed in a direction that has been seen, but not to this degree. The world has never seen a time like this where the environment is going through so many changes. It is important that design steps up to the plate and is what the environment needs at this point in its history.

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